Snail Trail

Date: Tuesday Jul 11, 2017 - Monday Jul 31, 2017
Venue: The Greenbank
Ben Pollock, Ben J.P., Tapper, Ben J. Pollock

“Following his Francophile foray, tall-standing Easton stalwart Ben J. Pollock aka Tapper returns to his home turf to present this showcase of new work, including a selection of recent paintings created in Marseille.

Snail Trail exposes Pollock’s delicate underbelly to the razor-sharp edge that delineates high and low culture. In his typical pop-surrealist style, Pollock pushes a carapace of collage and paint that rides on a smooth and shiny body of underlying passion and sensual scenography” – Fraisia Dunn

“Pollock’s art usually consists of him ‘trying to be clever’; it is figurative, playing with reality using humour and depth. He is shy but his work is often the opposite: big; bright; pop; weird  – often involving the subversion of popular themes. Most work is acrylic painting on board but he regularly moves into sculpture and plays with the space between the two.”

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By steve wright, Thursday Jul 6, 2017

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