Review: Spindle Ensemble / Gris Sanderson, The Old Barn, Kelston

Beautifully conceived textures resonated perfectly in this timeless space

Music - Bloom Collective

Review: Rusty Shackle, Thekla

"An authentic hour and a half set during which the audience didn’t stop dancing, singing or smiling"

Music - folk

Review: Johnny Flynn, Trinity Centre

"Managed to get a crowd of awkward folk fans dancing around, albeit with a little time"

Music - Bristol

Review: Shirley Collins – Lodestar

after a long absence, she had returned and all was well

Music - folk

Review: Flit

A damn fine umbrella

Music - animation

Review: Hot Vultures/Nine Tree Stumblers, Folk House

Sheer pleasure to hear these two voices together again

Music - folk

Review: Phil King, St George’s

His diffident charm could win over the grumpiest of crowds

Music - acoustic

Review: Ryley Walker/Mary Spender, St Georges

The chemistry between Walker and Thompson was a joy

Music - folk