Colston Hall

Review: Procol Harum, Colston Hall

Beautiful art-rock marred by onstage in-jokes and a muddy atmosphere

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Review: Monteverdi 450: L’incoronazione di Poppea, Colston Hall

Colston Hall's stunning celebration of Monteverdi continues

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‘The conversation must not stop here’

Vanessa Kisuule is in two minds about changing the name of the Colston Hall

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Review: Billy Ocean, Colston Hall

"Almost 70 years old, 46 years of music and still plenty more to give"

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‘We want to focus on the future, not look to the past’

Colston Hall boss Louise Mitchell on controversial name change

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Colston Hall name change: what do you think?

The decision to change the venue's name is polarising opinions

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Campaign group celebrates Colston Hall rename

All buildings, statues, schools and pubs named after slave trader will continue to be targetted

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Colston Hall to reopen with new name in 2020

'It's clearly the right thing to do,' says venue boss

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