Bristol Zoo breed critically endangered spider in world first

1000 Desertas Grande wolf spiderlings have hatched in Clifton

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Alligator found at Chew Valley Lake

Reptile found bathing in the sun

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Bristol artist honoured by animal charity

WECare Worldwide have asked Kate Guscott to be an ambassador

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Kitten crisis at animal sanctuary

Holly Hedge animal sanctuary is in desperate need of funding

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Three giraffes arrive at Wild Place

£1.1m house welcomes taller than average trio

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Ferret caught sneaking into Lido

The hilarious footage has been widely shared on Facebook

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Adorable baby giraffe Gus born in Bristol

New birth at Noah's Ark means Gerald's legacy will live on

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Herd of seahorses born at Bristol Aquarium

It's the seahorse dad that gives birth

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