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Bristol is officially the UK’s greenest city

By bristol247, Monday Dec 16, 2019

Bristol is home to the most eco-minded residents of the UK, according to new research.

According to research by, Bristol comes number one for eco-friendly Google searches, and scores highly for both recycling and air quality – despite more recent research revealing that illegal levels of air pollution contributes to five people dying prematurely every week in the city.

The research analysed the UK’s largest towns and cities, using local and regional data to analyse factors such as recycling, air quality and green spaces, revealing the UK towns and cities which are the most environmentally conscious.


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The top 10 greenest towns and cities in the UK are:

1. Bristol
2. Edinburgh
3. Belfast
4. Cardiff
5. Manchester
6. Northampton
7. Aberdeen
8. Glasgow
9. Bolton
10. Swansea

Bristol has some of the most green spaces in the UK

Peter Earl, head of energy at, said: “It’s clear that the climate, renewable energy and sustainability is a huge focus right now – and so it should be. We should all be putting combined effort into finding the best eco-friendly solutions.

“Surrounding ourselves with green space and changing our actions towards energy is a way to improve wellbeing as well as having benefits for the environment and future living circumstances.

“One in seven households (14 per cent) have already switched to a green tariff, whilst a third are thinking of switching to one; this shows that we are progressing, but still have some way to go.”

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