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13 quotes that got the most cheers

By louis emanuel, Friday Apr 29, 2016

All 13 of the Bristol mayor candidates took to the stage at a brilliantly shambolic and very Bristol hustings debate hosted by Bristol24/7 and broadcast live by Made in Bristol TV.

But some of the candidates did better than others, eliciting fist-pumping cheers from the crowd at times. We engaged our cheer-ometer on the night so we can bring you the best quotes from all the candidates in order the responses they received: 


Christine Townsend – Independent

“Colston’s Girls’ School; a child living the other side of Bath, growing up in a middle class family, is twice as likely of getting a place if they apply as a black child living in St Paul’s. I don’t think that’s acceptable for our children and for the people of Bristol.”


Paul Saville – Independent

“The real big thing that really annoys me as an artist is when, OK, you wouldn’t if a plumber came around to your house say you’ll fix this sink but I can’t pay you but it will be good for your portfolio. People should be rewarded and paid for what they do.”


Tony Baldwin – Trade Unions and Socialist Coalition

“I think the way to address the traffic problems is to give affordable alternatives in terms of public transport and I think public ownership of the transport is the only way we can really guarantee we are in control of the fares and routes and that they are run for the needs of Bristol and not to fill the pockets of the likes of Ferguson.”


Tony Dyer – Green Party

“I think it’s slightly ridiculous the odds that Labrokes have set on us. But just out of interest I’m at 33-1 so if every Bristolian put £10 on me it would generate £140 million. The people on Ladbrokes aren’t going to choose who runs this city, I think Bristolians will decide who is going to run this city.”


Marvin Rees – Labour


“I think we should have a systematic approach in Bristol in which we get young people from unlikely backgrounds to shadow city leaders, elected and unelected, to demystify power and decision-making in Bristol.”


George Ferguson – Bristol First

“It took me 18 months to turn the management around from what was literally a management vacuum. It took a further two years to take projects like the arena and to start building new housing and to make sure we are tackling the transport challenge. Let’s not move backwards, let’s move forward, let’s make sure the make the most of the work we’ve done for the next four years.”


Stoney Garnett – Independent

“I’ve gotta say, George you took a lot of flack in the last three-and-a-half years, I don’t think you was wrong all the time, but I’m going to try and put some of the things where you was wrong right again over the next four years.”


Tony Britt – Independent

“I made a promise to a surgeon when I had the cancer taken out of my chest – and he did me a brilliant man pair of tits. I promised the surgeon I would offer free car parking to the NHS.”


Kay Barnard – Lib Dem

“The mayor has to be someone with the style and the stamina to get things done, but not by imposing solution – by getting people working together. I have that experience and I will also promote a second referendum to see if people want to carry on with the role of an elected mayor. After all it’s our city and our Bristol.”


Mayor Kudehinbu – Independent


“I’m going to stage St Paul’s Carnival every year and include other festivals in Bristol.”


John Langley – Independent

“I think on of the things I’m very concerned about is the safety of cyclists. We need to build a cycle register so we know exactly how many cyclists there are and more importantly we know exactly what infrastructure we need. I think it’s really important that we keep cyclists safe.”


Paul Turner – Ukip

“I’d build 21st century prefabricated units using recycled materials. We need to bring more jobs to this city and I’ll use practical innovative solutions to the problems that we have here.”


Charles Lucas – Conservative

“If you want freer flowing traffic, better, more economic transport system, if you want proper investment in our railways and railway stations you need to select me as your new mayor.”

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