Bristol gears up for Trans Pride South West

By james higgins, Tuesday Nov 14, 2017

Trans Pride South West is the leading Pride event for Transgender, Intersex, Non-Binary & Gender variant individuals in our region. Bristol, with its rich and vibrant LGBT+ scene, plays host.

After a strong debut year in 2016, the team return for 2017 with a festival of events for November 24-26.

After attending a talk by Sarah Savage of Trans Pride Brighton at LGBT History month in Bristol 2016, the team took up the idea of organising the first Trans Pride in the south west.

Last year, bringing together individuals across Old Market, and with the assistance of Out Bristol and LGBT Bristol, Mia, Lexi and Sophie organised their first Pride from September 23 to the 25. Now, with a full year’s planning behind them, the team’s itinerary is bigger than ever.

“We have also worked hard to find new team members who can help us create more inclusion of non-binary and young adults in our events,” Lexi said.

“Once again, we are unfunded but with amazing support from fundraising and donations from various groups, we have planned fashion shows, club nights, cabaret, and informational events.”

“We were so inspired by Trans Pride Brighton, that we felt it was essential Bristol find a way to support the communities here,” Lexi continued, “and the idea is to ensure whether you’re new to the scene and want to find out more or just want a good night out, we’ve got a program that can appeal, inform, and entertain everyone.”

The full run down of events is below:

November 24

Glitzy Girlz Trans Pride Fundraiser

Cabaret with Mary Ma
The Gin Palace

Pop Nation
Bristol Bear Bar

November 25

Main Information and Day Event
The Station
Until 4pm

Cabaret and Afterparty
Old Market Assembly
From 5pm

Baal and To The Moon Fashion Show
To The Moon
5:30pm to 6:30pm

Tiara Thunderpussy
The Gin Palace

Trans Masc
Bristol Bear Bar

Boogie Nights
Bristol Bear Bar

November 26

X Factor contestant Ginny Lemon
The Gin Palace

For more information check South West Pride’s facebook or visit their website.


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