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Transcendental Meditation

By bristol247, Wednesday Jan 28, 2015

“Even a life of opportunity and world travel left me a confused and questioning 23 year old,” says Patrice Gladwin


“With Transcendental Meditation (TM) came stability and gradually a lot of strength. Maybe it was inevitable that I’d train with the Maharishi to initiate people into this most human of pleasures. And now, after teaching TM for 40 years, I would never start a day without the energising peace of transcending, pulling the arrow back onto the bow, so it can fly far. For all of us have an Inner Being, just as we have a body and a mind. No-one forgets to use their left hand as well as their right. Why would we forget to teach our children about diving Within? Effortlessly, the mind wants to access its own creative power. Like brushing our teeth, we make a habit of finding 20 minutes to meditate, and save time anyway because the increased energy and efficiency balance the books.

“Walter and I have three grown-up kids; it’s a huge luxury to know you can topple them out of the nest using their full human potential. And they are free to discover their own world. TM involves no belief or change in lifestyle: you simply learn the knack of accessing what the 43 years of peer-reviewed published research (over 450 major studies worldwide) concludes: “Transcendental Meditation offers the fourth major state of consciousness, as natural and necessary to life as waking, dreaming and sleeping. A state more alert than waking, where the body is in a state of rest deeper than deep-sleep.”

“Twice a day you experience what film-maker David Lynch calls a “dynamic peace” which clears all stress from the body while the mind gains more clarity, freshness and integration each time. People start TM because of anxiety, insomnia, high blood-pressure, depression and headaches etc. But I think these are only excuses. They really start – and continue – because the place where we find happiness, inspiration and security is in the silence of consciousness itself, a state beyond space and time. Everyone has that natural resource.

“What a career I’ve had! No interfering in people’s heads or lives. Just passing on the wisdom of all the ancient tradition easily, naturally. And now TM is being introduced into whole schools and colleges across the world. For the research into “EEG Coherence”, the enlivening of all four hemispheres of the brain for youngsters, makes learning a joy for everyone and gives teachers an easy ride.

“The core of the six-month TM Course of Instruction is the four hour-long sessions over one weekend. But first you come to a free Introductory Talk to suss the whole thing out. These are held most Wednesdays in the year at  8:00pm  at the TM Centre in Bedminster, very near ASDA. Or a one-to-one Introduction can be arranged. Just call me on 07719 424 322 to book into a talk. It’s lovely to meet people.”

Pictures: Patrice Gladwin (who runs the Bristol centre) plus four celebs who practice TM, Oprah Winfrey, David Lynch, Norman Rosenthal (psychiatrist who discovered SAD) and Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (founder of the TM technique)

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