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Illustrator collaborates with Caring in Bristol to help homeless community

By lowie trevena, Thursday Mar 5, 2020

A new collaboration has been launched to support Caring in Bristol and help the city’s homeless.

RTIIIKA, a Bristol-based illustrator and co-founder of the Bristol Womxn Mural Collective, has designed a t-shirt in partnership with Caring in Bristol and Everpress, a website where artists and organisations can design, print and sell t-shirts and limited-edition apparel.


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The t-shirt has been launched as part of the Everpress Togetherness store, a new venture which aims to inspire community actions to create big change.

RTIIIKA’s t-shirt inspires community action, and each one sold will help to provide two nights of shelter and care at Caring in Bristol’s 365 Shelter for someone who is currently rough sleeping.

Members of the Bristol Womxn Mural Collective wearing the t-shirts. Photo by Alexa Ledecky

“Our campaign is advocating for community action, and my hope is that my design inspires and spreads this message,” says RTIIIKA, who works across illustration and larger-scale mural work.

“Our aim with Togetherness is to build the idea that charities don’t have to work alone to achieve their fundraising goals, or to raise awareness,” says Leigh Robins from Everpress.

“By combining efforts with other charities, we hope to create an awareness and promotional lift that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. Everyone has been encouraged to collaborate with a designer or illustrator to express what togetherness means to them in their own unique style.

“Caring in Bristol have nailed this with an amazing design from the talented RTIIIKA and we’re excited to support their goal of providing shelter for those who need it most.”

Money raised from selling the t-shirts will go directly to Caring in Bristol. Photo by Alexa Ledecky

The t-shirt is available for a limited time period, which ends on March 21, 2020 and the money raised will be donated straight to Caring in Bristol. The charity’s 365 Shelter is one of six emergency shelters across the city and, in 2019, prevented 157 people experiencing homelessness from sleeping on the streets, in total providing 5,475 nights of shelter.

“It’s a massive honour to work on a project that will provide shelter for people experiencing homelessness in Bristol,” says RTIIKA.

Main photo by Alexa Ledecky

Buy the t-shirt at

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