Bikes vs Cars

The unequal daily battle between cyclists and petrolheads

What's On - Film

The Blast present Outlook Festival Launch

Congo Natty, Amy Becker, Commodo, Ishan Sound

What's On - Music

My Secret World: The Story of Sarah Records

Documentary about Bristol indie record label, plus Q&A

What's On - Film

The Avengers: Age of Ultron

Avengers wallop evil robot in second Marvel all-star romp

What's On - Film

The Salvation

The great Mads Mikkelsen stars in a Danish revenge western

What's On - Film

A Little Chaos

Kate Winslet stars in Alan Rickman's period romance

What's On - Film

Child 44

Stalin-era Soviet serial killer thriller with Tom Hardy

What's On - Film

Film That Buys the Cinema + Dagger Brothers

Local premiere of Cube fund-raising feature

What's On - Film