Bristol Pound banknote designs unveiled

Notes capture different aspects of Bristol’s character – from commitment to greener living, cultural diversity and technological heritage

Bristol Pound

The winning designs for the Bristol Pound notes have been unveiled ahead of the currency’s launch in September.

The £B1, £B5, £B10 and £B20 notes capture different aspects of Bristol’s character – from celebrating its commitment to greener living, its cultural diversity and its creative spirit to its technological heritage.

Hundreds of designs were received from schoolchildren, students, professional designers and amateurs. The winning images were chosen following a rigorous day of judging by a panel representing the city’s creative community.

The notes are now being produced by a specialist printer and will circulate the city in their tens of thousands after the official launch on September 19.

Ciaran Mundy, Director of the Bristol Pound, said: “A local currency for Bristol has been in the pipeline for some time and finalising the paper money designs is one of the final steps.

“From May this year residents and traders with a BS postcode have been able to apply for an account with Bristol Credit Union. This will allow them to exchange sterling for the same number of Bristol Pounds via conventional bank transfer or salary payments and start spending the newly created paper pounds with hundreds, and in time thousands, of businesses that benefit by joining the scheme. Shoppers will also be able to use a fast secure mobile phone payment system, a first for a local currency on this scale.”

The Bristol Pound is designed to support independent businesses in and around the city, retaining and multiplying the benefit of every pound spent for ordinary people and businesses. Organisers believe will be the largest of its kind in the UK.

The winning note designs are:

  • £B20: ‘Balloons’ by Jemima Blench, 10, of Westbury Park Primary School and ‘Concord’ by local artist Kim Short.
  • £B10: ‘Houses’ by Bristol artist Matt Price and ‘Hannah Moore & Bristol Old Vic’ conceived by Anthea Page and designed by Juraj Prodaj.
  • £B5: ‘St. Paul’s Carnival’ by photographer Mark Simmons and ‘Graffiti tiger’ by Alex Lucas.
  • £B1: ‘Bicycle’ by Bristol illustrator Jethro Brice and a design by Phil West.

Mr Mundy added: “As more and more shoppers and businesses spend the Bristol Pound, it will keep more of people’s hard earned wages in our communities to be spent again. People in Bristol who love the range of independent traders will be putting their money where it matters and reduce the need for lorries constantly moving goods up and down the country.

“The scheme is also a powerful way to promote local businesses trading with each other. We are hopeful we’ll have thousands signed up before the currency goes in to circulation in the middle of September.”

Anyone interested in the Bristol Pound and the winning designs can visit to learn more.

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