Review: AngelBerry frozen yoghurt factory, Broad Quay

I went for Cherry and Jaffa Cake flavoured yoghurts, with toppings of fudge, honeycomb pieces and strawberry “pobbles”

After realising that a frozen yoghurt place had opened very close to both home and work, it was inevitable that I’d head over there in the first week. In fact…not just the first week…but the second day.

The Broad Quay branch of the AngelBerry “frozen yoghurt factory”, on the site of the old Coffee Beach, is the second premises for young owners Ryan and James, who opened their first branch in Hartcliffe in December 2011.

It’s a bright, airy venue, with a few tables outside, vividly coloured seating inside, and a self-service system for the yoghurt itself.

Cheerful Berries (AngelBerry employees) greet you on arrival and talk you through the system if you’ve not visited before. Head over to the back of the store, choose the size of the tub you want, and fill it with any combination of ten varieties of frozen yoghurt (one or two of the flavours will change every week).

Frozen yoghurt chosen, take your tub over to the counter, where you can choose from a range of 35 different toppings…starting with the more unhealthy and moving on to fruit and the intriguingly named “pobbles” – balls of fruit juice encased in an all natural casing made from seaweed.

I went for the slightly bizarre combination of both Cherry and Jaffa Cake flavoured yoghurts, with toppings of fudge, honeycomb pieces and strawberry “pobbles”. Very much like a kid in a sweet shop, I have to admit – I was surprisingly restrained…especially seeing some of the massive tubs of yoghurt that other people had gone for!

You then take your tub to the counter, where it is weighed and a cost calculated based on pricing of £1.50 per 100g.

My verdict? Very tasty indeed. It’s hard to believe that something that tastes so good is fat free (well, the toppings aren’t, obviously…) and I loved the Mr Whippy-style consistency of the yoghurt.

All of the yoghurt varieties, explains co-owner Ryan, are created in Italy and shipped over to the UK. Some varieties, such as the Jaffa Cake, don’t actually exist as individual flavours – these are created in Bristol by combining existing varieties (in this case, sponge cake, chocolate and orange). The yoghurt itself is 100% gluten free and fat free, and contains only natural flavours. A sign up at AngelBerry proclaims that the frozen yoghurt has only around 1/3 of the calories that you’ll find in ice cream – says Ryan, around 80 calories per 100g.

AngelBerry also serves hot drinks, priced between £1 and £1.50, and if you fancy a smoothie, just head to the counter, tell them which yoghurt variety you’d like it made with (and which toppings), and they’ll make one up for you – with either juice or milk – for the sum of £3.

I’m also looking forward to the fact that the yoghurt will soon be available to take away…they’re just waiting for a delivery of lids for the tubs, after which you’ll be able to fill up a container to take home and keep in your freezer.

It’s a great concept, and in a fantastic location – I’m sure it’ll be a massive hit with both the Bristol and tourist crowds, and it’s good to see something new and different opening up in the city centre.

Find AngelBerry – Broad Quay on the Bristol Bites Directory…

3 Responses to Review: AngelBerry frozen yoghurt factory, Broad Quay
  1. RichardNelson20
    November 1, 2012 | 5:58 am

    Yoghurt is a purely home product and used daily and its consumption is also high. It is really very important to have a good quality and quantity. It is also used a wide range of food products. I love fruit yoghurt very much.You are an excellent blogger. I will recommend your tips to everyone in my circle so that they could also take the benefits.

  2. Yoghurt lover
    June 27, 2012 | 4:01 pm

    Part 2 We popped the pot to the til and the total come to a shocking £12.05! (The pot size we went for was about the same as a Ben & Jerry’s tub, not overly big- enough for 2).

    After getting over the shock of the price we tucked in- the yoghurt itself was really disappointing as did not taste strong of the chosen flavours atall, we could hardly make out the difference between the two we picked! The cherries we topped the yoghurt up with were slightly hardended and tastless- I assume from being exposed on the open bar for so long. I loved the idea of the popples, they looked so fun- like little jelly beads, they were really artificially sickly and we could only manage a few each and the Fudge pieces were so hard it may aswell have been toffee!

    Overall i’m gutted at the price, taste and quality, next time we’ll be getting a tub of Cherry Garcia from the shop- for what I used to think was an expensive £5, but nothing in comparison to Angel Berry and tastes waaaaay better!

  3. Yoghurt lover
    June 27, 2012 | 4:01 pm

    Part 1 I very much disagree unfortunately. My partner and I visited Angel Berry for the first time last night, we are big fans of the notorious Ben & Jerry’s frozen yoghurt version ‘Cherry Garcia’ so we most excited to visit the new Yoghurt bar!

    The bar and shop itself looks great, vibrant colours and a very fresh feel to the bar. Only 4 of the yoghurt flavours were available (Mango, Vanilla, Cherry and Caramel), we went for a mix of Cherry and Caramel- best of the bunch. (We ideally wanted the Strawberry, Mint or Jaffa cake but all were out of stock). On to the topping bar, a good selection of toppings but none were not looking too fresh atall! We went for Cherries, Honeycombe, Fudge peices and some of the above mentioned Strawberry Popples.

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