Bristol Aquarium stunned by bucket of piranhas on doorstep

Six of the ferocious river predators were left with a note attached to their bucket outside the aquarium in the city centre

Staff at Bristol Aquarium have been left stunned after they found a bucket of piranhas left outside the front door.

Six of the ferocious river predators were left with a note attached to their bucket outside the aquarium in the city centre.

The red-bellied piranhas, which appeared to be in good health, are now being looked after at the centre’s quarantine area.

Dan de Castro, curator at Bristol Aquarium, said: “I saw this man outside the entrance to the aquarium and mentioned it to our receptionist. A short while later I get told there is a bucket of fish outside with a note stuck on it.

“Every week we are contacted by people looking to re-home fish species which have outgrown their tanks, however this is the first time someone has just abandoned the fish in a bucket – I could hardly believe my eyes!”

About half of the 35 species of piranha are carnivores, but when trapped in pools and lakes formed by drying rivers in drought periods, meat-eating piranhas will attack and eat all that they can find, even resorting to cannibalism.

2 Responses to Bristol Aquarium stunned by bucket of piranhas on doorstep
  1. divorcelawyersx
    August 27, 2013 | 5:27 am

    Some people tend to smuggle endangered animals.
    When it grows up, it will always find a way to get rid of it.
    On several occasions, often a problem for residential communities.

    • Entropy
      August 27, 2013 | 8:34 pm

      But more of a problem for the poor animals.

      Pity these fish didn't eat the selfish idiot – that would have served him/her right!

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