Wind-powered vehicles move into fast lane at Bristol environmental trade show

A high-performance supercar and superbike run on wind power are among the show stoppers at a major international environmental trade show in Bristol later this year

A high-performance supercar and superbike designed to smash the stereotype of electric vehicles are among the show stoppers at a major international environmental trade show and conference being hosted in Bristol later this year.

The ‘Nemesis’ and the ‘Ion Horse’, the  first British-built supercar and bike to be created to run on wind-generated electricity, will be on show for the first time at the ETS UK trade show and conference on October 13 at the UWE Exhibition and Conference Centre.

The vehicles will star alongside the Bio-Bug, a VW Beetle launched by Wessex Water’s waste-to-energy firm GENeco, that runs on biogas produced from human waste, and the Rebel Electric Racer, which is an electric plane prototype, designed as part of an electric aircraft project to demonstrate the potential of electrically powered planes as a viable means of transport.

Ecotricity, the green company behind the two vehicles, say that the Nemesis and Ion Horse offer the ultimate in sustainable transport, combining great looks with a fabulous driving experience and at the same time producing zero emissions. The supercar delivers excellent performance with a top speed of 170mph and does 0-100mph in 8.5 seconds, making the green supercar quicker than a V12 Ferrari.

The Ion Horse is the result of collaboration between Ecotricity and Kingston University, London and scooped third place and a £5,000 prize at the Isle of Man TT Zero race in June 2011, making it the quickest University team at the race and beating the likes of professional teams including BMW.

“We really wanted to show that electric vehicles can be fast, fun and good-looking without using fossil fuels. They’re the future of transport in Britain,” said Dale Vince, founder of Ecotricity.

Alan Bailey, chairman of Low Carbon South West, organisers of the ETS UK trade show, believes that sustainable transport projects such as the Nemesis, Ion Horse, Bio-Bug and Rebel Electric Plane, demonstrate the level of innovation of green companies in the sector.

Being able to showcase the UK’s top innovations in green transportation, at ETS UK makes an exciting addition to our programme for the show,” he said. “The work undertaken by Ecotricity, GENeco and Rebel Electric Plane project, exemplifies the level of innovation and commitment currently being invested to meet low carbon emission targets. Such showcases reflect our aim at ETS UK to deliver a platform where companies can share knowledge, ideas and develop opportunities to do business together.”

To catch a glimpse of the best in green transport visit the Sustainable Transport Zone at ETS UK, an event sponsored by Environmental Technologies iNet. To book a place or to exhibit at ETS UK, visit

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