Bristol Green Capital: £1.5m fund released for ‘fundamental change’

Bristol 2015 company released the cash yesterday to mark 100 days until the city takes over its green capital mantle in January (Read more...)

Anger at EU approval for Hinkley Point nuclear plans

MEP said decision "demonstrates why so many British people are sceptical about the EU" (Read more...)

Students bunking together at over-recruited Bristol University

Larger than expected numbers gaining places at the university mean 170 students will be offered shared rooms in bunk-beds at 25% the usual rent (Read more...)

Bristol News Wire: Sept 24, 2014

Bringing you a round-up of the top headlines from around Bristol this morning (Read more...)

Bristol Mayor watch  

An eye on George Ferguson's time as Bristol mayor

George Ferguson became Bristol's first elected mayor in November 2012. Here is your guide to what the new mayor promised in his election campaign… and what he has delivered. (Read more...)

We don’t have to wait long to see Gruff truly shine - by the time he plays the popular and poppy ‘Shark Ridden Waters’, we’re totally with him (Read more...)

You won’t leave with a spring in your step, but you will be thinking and discussing the issues raised, which is probably what author Sean O’Casey intended (Read more...)

Too often in business, we ignore a whisper that grows into a roar. Take action early on, don't drift towards dissent, says Karen White (Read more...)

Lib Dem councillor Christian Martin says not enough is being done to inform citizens about how they can contribute to city's 2015 programme (Read more...)

Bristol craft brewing institution Zerodegrees has undergone a major refurbishment in tandem with a new menu after a decade at its Colston Street site (Read more...)

David Powell experiences a fabulous fly-cruise on MSC’s luxurious cruise ship Preziosa (Read more...)

There are few cars that actually surprise me in their ability to tackle the hills near where I live. But the 1.6-litre 177 bhp Volvo V40 T4 does (Read more...)

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